FAQ's - Motor Carrier

- When did Atlantic HR Solutions first introduce their accountable flat rate per diem program?
AHRS began marketing the proprietary program to its clients in 2004.
- How does the Omnitracs Per Diem Manager differ from the original AHRS flat rate per diem program?
Per Diem Manager captures and stores IRS-required "time, date and place" substantiation automatically from HOS.
- How is Omnitracs Per Diem Manager better than the original AHRS program?
Per Diem Manager eliminates driver log and trip sheet reconciliation paperwork for the motor carrier.
- Does a motor carrier have to buy the Omnitracs Per Diem Manager software?
No. Per Diem Manager is a Software-as-a-Service - software deployed over the Internet.
- Does a motor carrier require an IT department to install Omnitracs Per Diem Manager software?
No. The program is accessed via a web-browser, like Explorer or Firefox.
- Can a motor carrier offer Omnitracs Per Diem Manager to drivers that do not travel out of town overnight (regional / local)?
No. The IRS rules limit per diem only to drivers that 1) travel out of town overnight, and 2) are away from home for at least 12 hours
- Can a motor carrier transfer per diem data to their payroll service or system?
Yes. Omnitracs Per Diem Manager data for each driver and pay period is accessible and can be retrieved by a motors carriers payroll service or system.
- How does Omnitracs Per Diem Manager benefit motor carriers and drivers?
Per Diem Manager is:
o Simple to administer
o Paperless
o IRS compliant
o Reduces taxes and disability premiums
o Tamper proof
o Allows drivers more take home pay, and
o At No Extra Fee To The Fleet!